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McLaren Special Operations Gets A New Managing Director

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McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has promoted its previous motorsport director, Ansar Ali as the new managing director.

Ali, who had previously worked with Lotus, Ford, and Caterham, will now take the lead role at MSO as the division's management team is now combined with McLaren Motorsport.

The new department will combine the development, creation and marketing, customisation, and MSO-defined models.

McLaren hopes the new department will ensure a closer connection between the retailers and customers while the brand combines these key areas of the company.

"The joining of McLaren Special Operations and Motorsport brings together the two areas of the company that design," said McLaren's executive director, Jolyon Nash. "The company aims to deliver low-volume, bespoke vehicles to their customers," he added.

"The integration of the departments is a logical step, combining all of the revenue-generating areas of the business under one umbrella. I am confident that, in taking this step, both MSO and Motorsport will make an even more significant contribution to the long-term future of McLaren Automotive." Said Jolyon Nash.

MSO has been receiving good feedbacks in sales and the demand for the low-volume models have increased too.

MSO's latest creation, the MSO HS, was a limited-run model and all 25 units were sold before even the production began.

Recent reports suggested that Apple was interested in purchasing the Mclaren brand. However, McLaren has denied the news.

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