Mazda Is Bringing Back The Rotary Engines On The Next RX Model

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Although Mazda is yet to officially confirm a new RX-badged model officially, the firm promises that if it ever makes into production, it will only come with a rotary engine.

Speaking to Wards Auto in Las Vegas, Russell Wager, vice president-marketing at Mazda North America, claimed that any upcoming RX model will be powered by a rotary engine, despite these engines being notoriously hungry on fuel.

Wager said, "The concept car, RX Vision, has got RX in its title. Every time we've used RX in the past, it meant rotary powered. I hope that will be the case this time."

"That car wouldn't come to market unless it has a rotary engine. That's what they are working on." He added.

Mazda earlier revealed its engineering team who has been working on a much more efficient rotary engine for the past eight years.

While it's not yet clear that a breakthrough has been made in the rotary engine tech, recent reports claim that the new model, potentially named the 'RX-9', will make its debut in 2020.

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