Hamilton Feels ‘Helpless’ Against Time To Defend F1 Title

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With just five races to go for the season, the F1 title is out in the open between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Rosberg is 23 points clear of Hamilton with a podium finish at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Hamilton led the race with the pole position from qualifying before he retired due to an engine failure. Hamilton says his time is running out to turn the tide in favour of him for the Driver's Championship title.

The world champion was on course to victory at the Malaysian GP and cut the difference between him and Rosberg; however, that was not be with his engine blowing just 15 laps of the race remaining.

He is still confident of his and the car's performance for the rest of the season. Hamilton said this is not his lowest point and has had many, but in terms of feeling helpless, this is the most helpless he has been with time running out.

Hamilton has touched down at Japan for the next GP and is confident and raring to go to win the next race.

Even though he is not sure what will happen in the next five races, he wants to focus as he can possibly be and put in the performance that he had over the week and hopes that his car will hold together.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said this is a mechanical sport and these things do happen. He does feel frustrated that at this crucial time they are letting down Hamilton in his quest for the fifth title in F1.

Wolff goes on to say that the championship is not yet over and another five races to go and hoping that they will not experience any engine blow ups to dent Hamilton's championship for this year.

Meanwhile, Rosberg who fought to the third position at the Malaysian GP after a collision with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel is being considered as the championship favorite.

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