Lamborghini's Cryptic Teaser Hints At Upcoming Aventador S

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Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has dropped a cryptic video teasing its next supercar. While the video, which is titled 'Lamborghini V12: What will be next?, does not reveal the car, it does take a look back at the history of V12-powered Lamborghini's, suggesting that the new car could be the facelifted version of the current Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador.

The facelifted car, which will be called the Aventador S is expected to feature Centenario levels of power (around 759bhp) from Lamborghini's atmospheric 6.5-litre V12. The Aventador S is expected to debut in early 2017 and could be seen as early as the Detroit Auto show in the second week of January.

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