Lamborghini's Aventador S Promises To Be The Ultimate Evolution Of The Raging Bull

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Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini's final teaser for its upcoming update to its flagship Aventador supercar promises the "Ultimate Evolution' of the company's iconic V12 engine.

The latest teaser is different to the previous one released by Lamborghini a few days ago in one major way. Instead of looking at the various cars that have sported the V12 over the years, the teaser focuses all its attention on the Aventador and its various iteration that have come and gone since the Murcielago's successor went public in 2011.

The new Aventador which is expected to be called the Aventador S will sport the latest evolution of Lamborghini's iconic V12 engine which in its present state displaces a massive 6.5-litres.

The colossal engine is expected to sport a power output similar to the limited run Centenario in the new Aventador S.

In the Centenario, the engine kicked out 759bhp, a massive 68bhp over the regular Aventador and 20bhp more than the mental Aventador SV 750-4.

The new Aventador S is also expected to feature the SV's four-wheel-steering system along with a more extreme body kit to help distinguish it from the regular Aventador.

The updated Aventador S name seems to be a reference to the Miura S, the updated variant of Lamborghini's first supercar, the Miura.

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