Video: Watch Sebastian Vettel Demonstrate How Gorgeous The LaFerrari Aperta Is

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A couple of days ago, Ferrari released the first official video of the LaFerrari Aperta, the 'topless' version of their flagship hypercar.

With production limited to just 70 units, the LaFerrari Aperta promises all the fun of the "regular" LaFerrari despite of not having a roof.

The hybrid powertrain used in the Aperta still uses what is known as the best naturally aspirated V12 in the world, Ferrari's 789Bhp, 6.3-litre unit that's been combined with a 161Bhp electric motor to produce a total output power of 950Bhp.

The combined power 950Bhp will enable the LaFerrari Aperta to attain speeds of over 350km/h and it can sprint from nought to 100km/h in under 3 seconds, while the car is capable of hitting 200km/h marker in 7.1 seconds.

The company has extensively worked on the aerodynamics of the roadster so that the Aperta remains slippery, and offers a similar amount of downforce as the LaFerrari.

Ferrari used Sebastian Vettel as the driver of the LaFerrari Aperta in the promotional video that displays Ferrari's racing legacy and the roadster's capabilities.

You don't usually get to see a car this rare being used to its full potential, so go ahead click on the video above to watch the LaFerrri in action.

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