Jeep Reveals Its Next-Generation Compass

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The iconic American brand, Jeep has revealed its next-generation Compass during the opening of a manufacturing plant in Brazil. While there have been spy images of the all-new Jeep Compass, the images officially revealed by the company is slightly different.

The limited images Jeep has revealed of the all-new Compass show a vehicle that looks slightly larger than the outgoing generation model. There is a bit of the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and the Renegade DNA to it. Giving the customers a blend of products that Jeep boasts off.

The propositions and the roofline comestraight out of the Cherokee's crossover look, the rear quarter-windows and the beltline seems to be inspired by the Renegade. However, up front, the grille or the nose gives the Compass the Grand Cherokee prominent styling.

Some of the interesting details of the all-new Compass is the modern lighting elements in the front and the rear. A different looking styling to be noted is the chrome strip running right above the side windows and follows the contours of the roofline and dips down the D-pillar to the underside of the taillights and around to the other side.

A look at the interiors revealsa good harmony of the features. In the image released by Jeep of the Compass, we see a three-spoked steering wheel and a conventional shifter and the terrain knob looks to be tucked away at the centre console. The Jeep crossover otherwise seems to be business as usual with the Uconnect touchscreen, twin-barrel instrument display, and a little compartment to keep the odds and the ends with a cleaner finish.

Talking about the powertrains for the Jeep Compass, the company says it will offer 17 different mills to cater to more than 100 countries around the world. The most probable powertrain to make it to India will be either the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and the 2.4-litre seen on the Renegade to power the next-generation Compass.

Jeep has already invested in building a manufacturing plant in India. Jeep might manufacture the Compass in the country.The company could manufacture the right-drive model of the Compass and use the manufacturing capabilities of India for the right-hand drive markets in the world. Currently, the Wrangler Unlimited and the Grand Cherokee have been launched in India.

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