Jaguar Land Rover Is No More Interested In Buying Silverstone: Report

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British luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the fact that the company is no longer interested to buy or lease the Silverstone race circuit. This has come as hard news for the owners of Silverstone, which is a Grand Prix Track.

Jaguar and Land Rover, which is now owned by Tata Motors was looking to buy the Silverstone Circuit, which has been looking for ways to increase the race track's finances.

Back in April this year, the British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC) said that it was in talks with Jaguar Land Rover to lease the circuit.

Jaguar Land Rover was interested and wanted to turn the circuit into a heritage centre to showcase its luxury cars. But according to latest reports and a company spokesperson, the plans have been dropped.

The company spokesperson said, Jaguar Land Rover has ended discussions with the British Racing Drivers' Club for the foreseeable future and is not proceeding with any plans to either lease or purchase Silverstone at this time."

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