Jaguar Land Rover And Ford Join Hands To Develop Autonomous Technology

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Jaguar Land Rover have collaborated with US automaker Ford to develop autonomous and connected car technology.

Both the firms have worked together on a vehicle system which communicates with infrastructure features such as traffic lights to advise the driver or the car to travel at a particular speed to avoid red lights and travel quickly.

This new system is named as Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory. This technology is developed to reduce waiting times as well as to reduce emissions and maximise fuel efficiency.

If the car is not able to avoid the red light, a control module in the traffic light informs the driver and the car how long the wait for green light will be.

Jaguar Land Rover has also developed new semi-autonomous systems such as Advanced Highway Assist and Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist.

The Emergency Brake Assist is the extension of the autonomous emergency braking. This system warns the driver if any sudden braking is performed by the car in front. This will be extremely useful in low visibility conditions.

Jaguar Land Rover stated that its aim is to implement the autonomous system in both on and off-road conditions and its ultimate goal is to assist the driver in more tedious parts of driving while maintaining an enjoyable driving experience.

To achieve this goal JLR will be launching a fleet of 100 test cars in the next four years. These cars will be tested on the 66km of specially selected public roads in Coventry and Milton Keynes.

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