Sensors On Car Doors To Detect Any Obstacles While Opening

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There are chances that you might see car doors with dents or scars due to negligence while opening the door to an obstacle. This could be while squeezing your car while parking or a garage.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) might have the answer to it. The British company is developing a door protection system which uses sensors in the door handle and elsewhere around the car to detect and alert the driver.

The door sensors will detect how close is the vehicle to an obstacle, before coming to the conclusion how far the door can be opened. It will alert the driver if there is a risk of hitting any objects and restricts how far it will open and eventually prevent any possible damage.

JLR has applied for the patent on the door protection system and has revealed the details of the technology. It describes how the new technology could also make opening car doors to the side of a busy roads safer as it could detect any approaching vehicles from behind.

In the application, Jaguar said that there remains a common problem that vehicle doors can be damaged due to aninadvertent opening into another object or obstruction.

JLR's system will use existing parking cameras and sensors around the car to detect the distance of the obstruction such as other vehicles, lamp posts, pillars and walls.

The sensors on the doors will detect the angle at which the car door can be opened, allowing the on-board computer of the car to calculate the space between the edge of the door and the obstruction.

The patent also says that the drive mechanism could be configured to define a hard stop limit to the extent to which the vehicle door can be opened. It also looking to propose using signals in the form lights or to alert others that a door is about to open.

Jaguar feels that this could be a particular problem when there is limited space available, for example, in a parking lot. Also, related to this problem is the opening of the vehicle doors into the path of the approaching vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles.

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