These Are The Ingredients For The Winning Formula One Car

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Formula One will be returning to the home of Ferrari, one of the most historical and successful team in the history of sports, this weekend. But the Italian manufacturer is going through a turmoil this season. Every Italian expects Ferrari to triumph at Monza, but that's unlikely to happen.

Ferrari is yet to register a win this season. Against the likes of Mercedes and rejuvenating Red Bull, Ferrari is still searching for answers. The current situation raises a strong question. What are the ingredients for a winning team, in one of the world's richest sporting series?

Many still believe that money is a main factor for success in this cash rich league. But Ferrari doesn't face any such problems. But still struggling to emulate its early days. Many F1 team directors believe that, to be successful in F1 or any other team sports, what matters is the teamwork.

Before the 2008 financial crisis, the top teams had let their team staff grow to more than 1000. But the financial crisis forced the top teams to reduce their staff. Worst part was, Honda and Toyota decided to quit the series.

In recent years, once again the number of staffs working for top teams has grown. But getting more people is not as same as getting good people. For example Haas did not get attracted to former Ferrari Chief Technical director, who quit Ferrari last month, because he could not do what he was doing best in his earlier days.

Even though budget is the base foundation for a successful team, we cannot say that a healthy budget is everything. But what matters is the think tank of the team. There is always a difference between high budget and high-calibre people.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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