Hyundai To Introduce Ioniq Autonomous Concept Vehicle

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Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor showcased the Ioniq concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The vehicles LiDAR system was hidden in the front bumper of the car which makes the car look like any other normal car.

The aim of the autonomous Ioniq concept is to keep the self-driving systems very simple. This was achieved by using the production car's Smart Cruise Control's front facing radar and Keeping Assist cameras.

These systems are integrated with the LiDAR technology. Apart from that Hyundai is also developing its own operating system which aims at using less computing system.

The vehicle's hidden LiDAR system enables the car to detect obstacles and its surroundings. It can also detect relative location and speed of objects in the vehicle's forward path.

The Ioniq Autonomous car also features Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Smart Cruise Control and Rear Cross - Traffic Assist.

Earlier this year Hyundai earned the license to test its autonomous cars in the urban environments. Currently, Hyundai is testing three autonomous Ioniqs and two Autonomous Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles at the Hyundai Motor Research and Development Center in Namyang, South Korea.

Hyundai will be showcasing its Ioniq autonomous cars at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2017. The cars will drive along the streets of Las Vegas.

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