J.D Power Study: Hyundai And BMW Lead From Front In Car Technology

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When it comes to leading the luxury segment and the mass-market category, Hyundai and BMW lead the race in car technologies. Also, when it comes to how satisfied are customers are buying cars with technology, both the manufacturers lead the race as per the new study by J.D Power.

The study done by the research firm - a first for the firm - measures done by a survey on how the owners interact with the car's technology during the first 90 days of ownership. The first few days are when you find out how the new technology has been helpful and how easy it is to operate.

This includes entertainment, and telematics/connectivity; navigation; collision avoidance, smartphone connectivity; driving assistance; comfort and convenience.

The timing of the new study is a good measurement of the auto industry. Most of the new frontier of competitive advantage of car companies is how much do they offer in terms of technology.

More to do with the realm of safety and telematics, and how easy and comfortable it is to operate these new technologies.

BMW led the luxury car segment with its then-controversial iDrive system in 2001. The technology employed a mouse-like device in the centre console to control menu choices.

The German company has indeed learnt a lot in the car technology area and is seeing a paying off today with the J.D Power Study.

Among the models from these two brands, BMW 2 Series and 4 Series ranked the highest with the car technology. Hyundai's Genesis and Tucson led the ranking for the innovative car technologies with ease to use as well.

Among the technologies, was the mitigation of the chance of collision have the highest usage and highest satisfaction which remain the most needed by the customers. These include Blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assistance, and backup cameras.

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