Former Tesla Rival Floats New Electric Car Company

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Henrik Fisker's automotive venture had collapsed in 2013 owing U.S. taxpayers nearly $139 million. Now, Fisker has announced the formation of a new electric car company Fisker Inc., and will rival the Tesla.

The Danish automotive designer's previous venture Fisker Automotive was a rival to Tesla Motor Inc. before it was closed during the early days of luxury electric cars. The previous company was founded in 2007 and built less than 2,000 cars till 2012.

The Fisker Automotive was known for the world's first premium plug-in hybrid range-extended electric luxury sports car, known as Fisker Karma. The premium plug-in hybrid car was produced between 2011 and 2012.

When the Fisker Karma was introduced, it had a mere 51km range before the petrol-powered motor takes over the duty. It might be low in today's EV world; however, in 2007 it was indeed a good range for an EV.

The electric motor is powered by two 120kw motors and produced 479Nm of torque and paired to the 2.0-litre turbocharged Ecotec petrol engine.

Currently, under the new company, Fisker plans to target Tesla's Model 3 mass market EV and introduce one very soon.

He said the new EVs will be powered by long range battery that uses graphene to extend its range and life thereby reducing the charging time.

The new company will target a range of 644kms from the new EV. Tesla claims the Model 3 will have a range of 346kms for the price $35,000.

As for the Fisker Automotive, the company was sold to a Chinese company Wanxiang and the new company will not be connected to it.

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