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Formula One: Haas F1 Team Focuses On 2017 Car

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American-based Formula one team Haas has already moved its main focus to its 2017 car. For next year there are some new technical regulations, so most of the teams have switched their development focus earlier than usual.

Haas F1 team had a strong start in this season, scoring points in three of the first four races with Romain Grosjean. But after that, the performance of the team was poor, scoring only twice more in the next 16 races.

Grosjean said, "Our performance dropped this year because we didn't run the 2016 car much in the windtunnel this season. That means that we have to run another car in the windtunnel, and that's to prepare for the future.

"When I joined the team, we wanted to be better in year two and better in year three, and that's still the plan. We've got a lot of work, but people have seen we're serious, we're focused, we're paying the bills and we are on the racetrack and not doing too bad.

"We've got more and more people joining, the team is growing and I think we can do better next year than we have this year."

The French driver also believes that the team needs to work on processing the data quicker to allow it to figure out and respond to the problems.

He added, "It took some time to get the data quality. As the first year, you discover weak points, where the quality of the parts needs to improve, the quality of the data needs to be improved, the reactions needs to be improved and so on.

"That's all that you learn through a year. There are 21 races, we race every week-and-a-half, there's just not time to react.We have a lot of Ferrari parts on the car but we have to put them in a Haas package.

"All of that takes time but these are things we need to improve. We cannot realise on Saturday evening that between FP1 and FP2, something happened in the car. We need to realise either in FP2 or just after FP2 but all of these things we are putting in place."

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