Meet OX: The World's First Flat-Pack Truck

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Providing transportation to developing nations has its own problems. The OX, from the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) could be an answer for it. The OX is a rugged, multipurpose truck developed solely to cope with the worst road conditions, but cheap and simple enough to be built and maintained by anybody.

The OX is the brainchild of Sir Torquil Norman, founder of GVT. The flat-pack construction will allow the vehicle to fold into itself into a compact package that can be easily transported across the world. A single shipping container can fit six OX vehicles, keeping costs down regarding transportation.

The OX project will also create job opportunities in the destination country, where local manufacturers will assemble and maintain the finished vehicles. A single unit of OX can be assembled in approximately 12 hours by three workers.

The OX is designed to suit the countries where it will end up. The vehicle is offered with a two-wheel drive, for simplicities sake. The increased ground clearance, off-road tyres, and independent suspension ensures smooth commute on the roughest terrain.

The OX also features a central seating position so that the vehicle won't need to adapt with the mix of left and right-hand drive countries. A 2.2-litre Ford diesel engine provides just 99bhp, but 310Nm of torque should keep the OX plodding through most anything.

What makes the OX different is the massive payload. The truck is capable of carrying 1900kg in the load bed, which twice than what most pickups can carry.

GVT had joined hands with Professor Gordon Murray for his design inputs for the OX. Professor Murray is known for designing Formula 1 cars and the iconic McLaren F1.

Regarding the OX, Professor Gordon Murray said,"Honestly, I'm more proud of the OX than anything else I've ever done, including the McLaren F1 which was a product for only a few wealthy people could afford."

Sir Torquil Norman and Professor Murray currently hope to secure a larger investment, from a major manufacturer. The hope is that GVT will produce 10,000 units each year.

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