Own A Vehicle Older Than 15 Years? Scrap Them Now For Incentives!

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Pollution has gone up to alarming quantities and to keep check, the government is doing everything possible. The government is not only de-registering vehicles older than 15 years, but is also under the compulsion to offer incentives for scrapping your old vehicles.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has ordered the Ministry of Heavy Industries to effectively come up with a policy for incentives for scrapping vehicles over 15 years.

Considering the fact that scrapping vehicles will need land, the NGT has directed Delhi's neighbouring states to hold a meeting with the government of Delhi to make space to park vehicles that are banned from plying on the roads.

Keeping air pollution in mind, the government had issued the transport offices to start deregistering diesel vehicles that are older than 10 years, and to begin the process with vehicles that are older than 15 years.

Police, true to the rule are working hard, but are clueless as to what to do with the vehicles that have been impounded. Delhi alone has almost 8 million vehicles, if not more and 1.8 lakh vehicles are older than 15 years.

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