Google Car Logs An Impressive 'Mile'-stone

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Google has been developing its autonomous car from 2009 and is not leaving any stone unturned -literally. With a wide range of complex problems on public roads to cars going the wrong side to unexpected traffic snarls, the technology company has been working tirelessly to achieve full automation of its vehicle.

Google's Alphabet Inc. unit has been developing the car said its self-driving car has achieved 3.2 million kms on public roads. It continues to log about 40,000kms of test drives every week, understanding every aspect of public road driving conditions.

The company based out of Silicon Valley is focusing on cars withfully autonomous capabilities without a driver making driving safer and more efficient. Also, help people with disability and aged people to help drive a car.

Google said last year the self-driving car will be ready for production by 2020; however, it is to yet reveal its business strategy for its car project.

The approach of the technology company towards self-driving cars is quite different to Toyota or Tesla, where it is focusing on self-driving cars.

Currently, Toyota and Tesla cars require a driver to drive their cars and are yet to go fully autonomous.

Dmitri Dolgov, head of Google's self-driving technology effort said, that it is predictable in highways, but it is not easy to navigate in busy city streets.

He emphasised on adeeper understanding of what's on the road and on the side.

Google's car can detect any moving objects like abicycle or a child and anticipates that both can make unpredictable or fast movements. The system being developed by Google calculates the probability of such changes and uses the result to determine how the car will react.

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