Geneva’s New Buses Could Be The Perfect Solution For Pollution Problem

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Geneva will replace its diesel fleet of buses with the new buses which will change the face of public transport in this global hub of finance and diplomacy.

These new buses will take just 15 seconds to charge to cover a distance of two kilometre. This new technology could help India reduce 3.7 million tonnes of carbon emission.

Geneva's public transport authority, TGP, the Office of Promotion of Industries and Technologies, the Geneva power Utility SIG and ABB have joined hands to develop these buses.

The name given to this bus is TOSA, which stands for Trolleybus Optimisation Systeme Alimentation.

These buses are identical to any other normal electric buses that are operating in Europe. But the roof of the bus will be connected to Overhead lines.

These overhead lines are the moving arms of the bus which connects to an overhead receptacle which is integrated to the bus terminal.

The receptacle has a flash charging technology that feeds the batteries on the bus for 15 seconds as the passengers get on and off the bus.

This 15-second charge gives the batteries a 600kW boost, which is enough to travel a distance of two kilometre with 130 passengers onboard.

When the bus reaches the bus terminal, the batteries can be fully charged in a matter of four to five minutes. This technology will help Geneva to replace its 229 strong fleet of diesel buses.

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