Ford India Surges Past Hyundai In Exports For August 2016

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Ford India has surpassed Hyundai Motors India in exporting passenger cars for the month of August 2016. The American company has exported a total of 17,860 units compared to the South Korean company's export of 16,506 units for the same month.

India's largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki came third with exports of passenger vehicles of 12,131 units. Nissan Motor India followed Maruti with shipments of 9,232 units, Volkswagen India with 7,538 units and GM India shipped 7,044 units.

Ford India along with Volkswagen India, Nissan Motor India, and GM India have exported more cars in FY 2015-16 than what it has sold in the domestic market. The companies are seeing its "Make-in-India" export operation as a crucial part of its investment in the country.

Ford India's export comes mainly from its sub-compact SUV, the EcoSport; however, it is getting a boost in the export of the new Figo hatchback and the Figo Aspire sedan. The company has leveraged the Make-in-India and have substantiated their investment in the country.

On the overall front, Hyundai Motor India and Maruti Suzuki are the country's No.1 and No. 2 passenger vehicle exporters respectively for fiscal. In FY 2015-16, the South Korean company has exported a total of 162,221 and Maruti Suzuki has shipped 123,850 units.

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