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Ford Survey: Like Indians Australians Prefer Fuel Efficient Cars Over Power

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The American company, Ford Motor Co., which sells V8 Mustang muscle cars by large quantities says that a compelling number of new car buyers regret not opting for a fuel efficient car.

Ford Asia Pacific had initiated a buyer survey of 9,500 people across 11 markets, including Australia, and found out that people ranked fuel efficiency over power when purchasing a new car.

Also, it found out that four out of five Australians rates fuel economy over power when choosing a new vehicle.

When asked about the reason for ranking fuel efficiency, four out of five Australians said the need to save money for prioritizing fuel efficiency, which is nearly higher than the Asia-Pacific regional average of 68 percent.

The survey also revealed other top reasons such as concerns about high fuel prices which accounted for 64 percent, and 44 percent reasoned for being environmentally conscious.

Nearly 29 percent said that they regret not buying a fuel efficient cars over their powerful cars. This comes as a surprise as Ford has year-long waiting list on the V8 Mustangs and sold out final WR8 Falcon models rapidly.

When it comes to fuel efficiency the V8 Mustang and the WR8 Falcon nor the top-selling Ranger ute are hardly the talking point about fuel efficiency.

The survey also reveals that 34 percent of consumers are planning to drive less in the next 12 months and 22 percent said they will change their driving habits to use less fuel.

This seems to coincide with the hike in fuel prices in Australia and more 78 percent feel or do not trust that the fuel prices are going to be stable in the coming years.

The desire to own a fuel efficient or a powerful cars scenario changes through, nearly 58 percent had the desire to own a powerful car.

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