Ford Police Interceptor Runs With No Roof Lights — Spoiler!

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Ford Police Interceptor Utility is going undercover with the debut of new warning lights. The lights usually seen on the roof now goes undercover at the rear spoiler and disguising itself from eyes except when the lights are on.

The new rear spoiler traffic warning lights for the Ford Police Interceptor utility flashes bright red, blue or amber to provide clear and direct communication to drivers in an emergency response situation.

Ford is debuting the new light to complement the front interior visor light bar on the Police Interceptor Utility.

This enables police officers a highly effective tool to alert drivers and also offer high visibility out the rear window.

Once the light is de-activated, the lighting is difficult to detect for anyone approaching from the rear. Ford claims this is much better than aftermarket products as it does not hamper the vision of the driver.

Even an auto-dimming facility can be activated from full intensity to 20 percent. Ford said, that together with the front visor light bar and rear spoiler traffic warning lights offer fully integrated solution for agencies wishing to minimise the presence of a cop vehicle.

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility is powered by the option of either the 3.7-litre T-VCT V6 engine or the 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine.

The new 3.5-litre EcoBoost mill with its six-speed automatic churns out 362bhp and a massive 450Nm of peak torque.

The new option will be available from Ford on all 2017 Police Interceptor Utility models.

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