Next Generation Ford Driver Assist — Auto Backup Braking And Evasive Steering Help To Be Included

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Ford has revealed the new features in the new driver assist system. With the new vehicles set to launch in the next two years, Ford is detailing the driver assist system.

The new features include ability to detect object or people to pass behind a vehicle, automatic braking in reverse gear and evasive steering help to avoid an accident.

Apart from these features, the new driver assist will be equipped with a wide-angle rear camera and new parking assistant that can park parallelly or perpendicularly.

Currently sold Ford vehicles already have a range of features such as lane keeping and cruise assist. But the new features are far more advanced than the current version.

With these new features, the vehicle will have more control in a situation where the driver might not be able to react in time to avoid an accident. This new system goes beyond a typical driver assist system which is available today.

The new cross-traffic braking will engage itself if a warning goes unnoticed. It will actually apply the brakes if a collision is about to happen with any object, people or other vehicles.

The evasive steering assist will help the driver to steer around the stopped or slower vehicles. If in a situation where braking doesn't avoid an accident the evasive steering comes to play.

This feature is really helpful, as the drivers in such a situation tend to panic and they will end up overcorrecting and end up in a collision with vehicles or other obstacles.

The list of new features also includes wrong way alert system which will warn the driver visually and orally. This new driver assist system is being developed at Ford's Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany and will be used in cars in next two years.

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