Ford’s New Car Camouflage Will Confuse Your Eyes And Cameras

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Any new car from manufacturers is difficult to keep prying eyes away from spy pictures or images especially phone cameras. The spy images could give away most of the features that the company would like to reveal later on.

Ford wanted to go back to the drawing board to reinvent the camouflage for new and upcoming cars. Car manufacturersneed to test their new prototypes before they can be sent to production or even showcased at an auto show.

To keep prying eyes away from the cars, manufacturers use camouflage to keep their cars main features secret.

Ford's new camouflage is called the ‘Brick' simply because it looks like a big collection of bricks. Engineers at Ford have given the camouflage a great deal of layering and depth to throw off phone and camera focusing.

This design will either throw the out of focus or distract the attention away from important bits of the new car which the car maker does not want to reveal.

The solution is a lot more elegant than using body panels to conceal any important features. The vinyl wrap alone will make it easier for engineers to gauge real-world fuel economy.

The reason for not using any panels is that it makes it heavier and can affect the real-world fuel efficiency.

Ford is making it difficult for spy cameras and now it makes it difficult for phone cameras as well. Also, the design could give you a migraine just by looking at it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 17:57 [IST]
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