Rental Ford Mustang Splits In Two After Crash — Driver Walks Away Unharmed

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One more Ford Mustang has bit the dust as the driver lost control of the car and crashed in Ballard, Washington. The car has been destroyed completely and the model crashed seems to be a Mustang convertible.

Details revealed about the crash are very less, but the aftermath captured on the film shows the Mustang that has been split in two and the parts scattered across the sidewalk.

From what we can see from the video footage, we think the Mustang hit the electricity pole at very high speed. A large chunk of the car's body, including the driver's seat, part of the dashboard, and the driver-side door were found completely separated from the rest of the car.

Further down the street are other remainings of the car which includes the tires, wheels and driveshaft, scattered across the grass.

The tail section of the 'American muscle' is then found some 20 meters down the street and next to it, the bumper, wiring harnesses, and one wheel hub.

To know the magnitude of the crash, check out the video below:

What's even remarkable than the wreckage caused is that the driver apparently walked away from the crash without any injury.

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