Ford GT Sets Record Nurburgring Lap Time —Just How Fast Was It?

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A Ford GT set a record lap at the Nurburgring over the weekend.

However, before you start waving the red white and blue and try to start a 'U-S-A' chant like a certain mop-head president wannabe, here are a few facts that should send you back to the couch.

The lap time of 7:58.558 that was set by Nico Verdonck wasn't exactly set on the 20.8-kilometre long Nordschleife where most records are set.

Instead, Verdonck raced the Nordschleife and the Formula One track to bring the total lap distance up to 24.4 kilometres.

Verdonck was also driving a race version of the last-gen Ford GT with its supercharged V8 engine from a pickup truck.

The car was competing in the Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring (VLN) endurance racing series, which only races at the infamous German racetrack.

The previous record was held by a BMW Z4 GT3 which clocked a time of 7:59.045 under the guidance of Jens Klingmann.

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