Ford & GM’s New 10-Speed Automatic Gearbox: 5 Things To Know

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The collaboration between Ford and GM has resulted in the development of the 10-speed automatic gearbox for the rear wheel drive, with Ford leading the development. The new 10-speed automatic gearbox will be seen in the Ford Raptor and the Chevy Camaro ZL1. Here are five things to know about the new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

1. More Gears To Keep The Engine In The Ideal Revving Range

The new 10-speed AT has closer ratios between the gears which willkeepthe engine in acloser range of power during full acceleration. This provides a smoother operation when towing a trailer which is very helpful in the case of the F-150 range of vehicles.

2. Close-Ratio Acceleration

The tenth gear in the 10-speed AT has an acceleration ratio of 0.636 and the ninth is at 0.689, this is a drop of only eight percent. This makes the downshift from 10-to-9 is impeccable with closer ratios. The close ninth ratio helps if the truck is heavily loaded or towing a substantial amount.

3. More Gear; Same Gear Ratios

Ford's new 10-speed AT comes with a wide range of ratios from the first to the tenth gear and the overall span is 7.384 which is not highest even when compared to an eight-speed AT. The Jeep Cherokee houses the nine gears with a total spread of ratio at 9.819. Porsche's Panamera uses the 7-speed dual clutch AT with a maximum spread of 10.119. So it's possible for the Ford 10-speed AT with the top gear which isn't that tall and it's a gear which you will stay more often on the highways.

4. Same Size And Weight As The Six-Speed

The Ford 10-speed uses four simple planetary gear sets and controlled by six clutches. The 10-speed AT is an inch longer and nearly 2kgs heavier than the 6-speed Ford AT and is fully supported by thealuminium stator. The 6-speed AT had iron cast parts which makeit heavier compared to the new 10-speed AT.

5. Faster Than Porsche's PDK

The new Ford 10-speed AT's low first gear ratio of 4.696 and the company claims the transmission shifts 26 to 36 percent more quickly than Porsche's PDK, through fourth gear at least.

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