Watch This Driver Drift His Ford Focus RS Into A Wall

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The 2016 Ford Focus RS has a button that says "Drift Mode". This feature optimises the car's chassis and performance in a way that you can easily pull off a drift. However, the results are not guaranteed, though.

It was when the driver decided to have some fun in the "Drift mode", the car lost control and slid into a cliff wall before landing halfway in a ditch. None of the passengers in the car was reportedly injured.

In Drift Mode, you get as much torque at the rear-wheels and softened damper and the steering for those ultimate gymkhana-like moments.

We agree that none can nail a proper drift 100 percent of the time, Perhaps here the driver just got too overwhelmed with the natural beauty around him.

This car might not be a Mustang, but at least this driver managed to keep up with the Ford legacy.

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