Ferrari To Go Fully Hybrid To Boost Sales — Sacrilege Or Survival Of The Supercar?

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Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari plans to hybridize every car bearing the prancing horse badge, starting in 2019.

Ferrari aims to ship 10,000 cars a year to customers every year by 2025. However, if its wishes to achieve that sales target, Ferrari will have to meet certain mileage and emissions requirements, which it cannot do with its current lineup of vehicles.

To ensure that Ferrari meets with the stricter norms, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne is looking towards hybridization of the entire Ferrari lineup to boost sales numbers to the 10,000 unit milestone the company wants to achieve by the year 2025.

The last time Ferrari went hybrid, it resulted in the LaFerrari hypercar.

The LaFerrari cranked out 950bhp and 900Nm of torque from its V12 and electric motor hybrid powerplant and showed the absolute levels of performance that Ferrari could extract if it put its mind towards a hybrid car.

However, with its newest hybrid push, Ferrari plans to make its cars more accessible to its customers by concentrating more on cars that can also be used everyday.

One of the signs of this is the recent launch of the GTC4Lusso T at the 2016 Paris Motor show. The GTC4Lusso T is Ferrari's first four seater with a V8 engine and was priced lower than its V12 sibling.

While many of the Tifosi may have sleepless nights for now regarding the hybrid future of Ferrari, the company's push towards hybrids may very well secured a new era of supercars in a world of increasingly draconian emission norms.

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