Woman Learning To Drive A Car Kills Two Kids — Here Are Tips For First Time Drivers

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In a recent news, a woman who was learning to drive a car for the first time led to the loss of life of two kids. The woman had depressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal which led to the unfortunate accident. It was found that she did not take precautions or professional help before driving for the first time.

Here some of the tips which you need to take into account before you drive a car for the first time:

Get Professional Assistance

There are several driving schools in the country and most of all, there are many within the vicinity of where you stay. The driving schools offer professional help in learning to drive a car and they take precautions to ensure a safe learning experience.

Not just teaching you how to drive acar, driving schools also help you understand how to go about getting your driving license. A professional help is always the recommended approach to driving a car for the first time.

Get The Driving License

Make sure you have got your learner's license (LL) before you get behind the wheel of the car. Prepare and learn about basics of driving a car as the Road Transport Office (RTO) will require you to pass a test before they can issue the LL.

Once you have completed the course at the driving school, you can apply for the Driving License (DL). The DL can be applied for atwo-wheeler with and without gear, and four-wheeler or Light Motor Vehicle (LMV). Please note that you are eligible to drive the car without any assistance only after the RTO has issued the DL and do not venture out without the DL.

Gain Experience

Putting in a lot of kilometres in your car will help you gain confidence and experience, this will only help you to drive safer and with confidence. By driving your car in both traffic-laden and open highways will add to your experience and eventually make you a better driver.

Once you finish your driving school and have been authorised by the RTO to drive a car, make sure you keep driving a car. Some say that initial days of driving a car will leave a lasting impact on your experience. If there is a long and silent gap in driving a car, it could lead to lapses in skills of driving a car.

Driving The Car For The First Time

You might be excited as your DL has been approved by the RTO; however, take caution on the first few rides before you can really start driving full-fledged. Some of the essential tips when you start driving for the first time will help you get comfortable and confident.

Get comfortable of how you sit in the car and make sure the rear view mirrors on the outside and inside are at your correct viewing angle. All safety aspects including seat belts and correct viewing of the road from the driver's seat are legible from your seat. This will ensure your driving abilities are at the most efficient level.

Be Calm And Rid Yourself Of Distractions

Even after you are certified by the RTO with a DL, it always advisable to have a trusted and experienced driver in the passenger seat next to you. This will make your drive a lot less scary. Rid yourself of any distractions like phones or controlling the music.

Make sure you do not use the few rides for doing any chores like dropping off your sister or brother to school or even go to the supermarket. These places are usually busy with traffic. It is always better to take the first few rides just to keep driving and get a hang of it. Make sure you drive on aquieter and free-from-traffic roads which will help you concentrate on driving skills rather than the traffic which might be creeping up from behind or sideways.

The sole purpose of the first time driver is to get acclimatised to driving and controlling the car. Keeping these essential tips guidelines will ensure a calm and confident driving experience.

Driving is a huge responsibility and is not something that you should fear. Every time you are driving a vehicle, you are taking safety and the safety of others into your own hands. Making sure of how well you are prepared keeps you and others calm on the road.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 15:58 [IST]
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