Disney Teases Cars 3 With A Dark Twist And Electric Racecars

The words appear: "From this moment, everything will change".

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The teaser trailer for the Disney Pixar's upcoming Cars movie has been out and it is quite gritty.

The short teaser trailer shows a high-speed race with Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) in it and roaring engines. The film series is set in a reality where the world is populated by automobiles.

Then comes the crash, a tire bursts, causing McQueen to spin on the track, and the screen fades to black.

A painful slow-motion shot of McQueen flipping in the air, parts of his body scattered across the ground. Then the words appear: "From this moment, everything will change".

Anyone who was six when the first Cars movie came out is 16 now. So, Disney perhaps wants the series to mature with its original. However, the first look at Cars 3 is grittier than any other movie from the Disney Pixar alliance.

Click the above link to watch the first teaser trailer of the upcoming Cars 3 movie.

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