Chevrolet Colorado ZH2: The Cleaner, Greener Way To Fight A War

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Chevrolet recently took the wraps of Colorado ZH2 at the fall meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).

The ZH2 is a modified midsize pickup truck and will go into extreme military field testing in 2017 as the US Army evaluates it for use on the modern battlefields of the world.

The ZH2 stands at more than 6½ feet tall and is more than seven feet wide,and is built on a stretched pickup truck chassis.

The body of the truck has been reinforced inside and out. The ZH2 weighs in at 3 tons.

The ZH2 armoured pickup truck rides on 37-inch tyres and features a specially modified suspension that helps the vehicle climb over almost any terrain available.

Unlike the US Army's current diesel chomping range of polluting Humvees, the ZH2 will keep all the tree hugging crowd happy as it uses a Hydrogen fuel cell to send power to the rear wheels.

The use of the fuel cell means that the ZH2 is silent and a lot cooler than those loud and hot diesel Humvees.

This should help it on the battlefield where it can almost silently monitor enemies while providing a much smaller heat signature to any heat seeking missiles that may be flying about.

Also thanks to the use of hydrogen, the only thing coming out of the tail pipe is pure water, another asset for soldiers on the battlefield.

The ZH2 also comes with a removable fuel cell that can be used to provide power to something like an emergency hospital in remote locations.

To give it a more military look, Chevrolet has given the front end of the truck a camo paint job that should help it blend with most of its surroundings.

So which would you have, the ZH2 or this 600bhp+ Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6.

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