Chevrolet Bolt Is More Reliable Than The Tesla Model 3

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According to the recently conducted annual reliability survey, Chevrolet Bolt has outgunned the Tesla Model 3 on the reliability factor.

Consumer reports state that the electric cars are basically compared to the range alone, except for the Model S which has a hypercar performance.

Consumers are less worried about the Bolt's driving range because it comes with an impressive range of 383 km which is five times the more amount needed for a daily commute.

The Chevrolet Bolt will also offer slightly more range than the basic Model S60, which comes with a whopping price tag of $66,000.

But the report also suggests that the Tesla have a cult-like following of the people because of the high-end technology the Tesla has to offer.

But the Bolt is as simple as a BMW i3 but the only difference is the Chevy Bolt doesn't come with the carbon reinforced plastic.

Coming to the interior department, the Bolt is a clear winner here. It packs some unique features that you have never seen before.

Ever imagined a brake button on the steering wheel? Well, the Chevy Bolt comes with one, adding to the advantage list it also packs the regenerative braking to increase the range of the vehicle.

At the end of the day, electric vehicles are meant for daily commute rather than taking it to the drag race strip. A 700bhp Tesla is apparently a gas guzzler too if the cost of the vehicle and its maintenance is taken into account.

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