GM Begins Production Of Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car

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The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is all set to reach the masses after General Motors revealed that the mainstream electric vehicle (EV) is now in production.

GM has estimated that the Chevrolet Bolt will begin rolling out by the end of 2016 from its Michigan assembly lines. This is much ahead of the Tesla's Model 3 launch in 2017.

The main appeal of the Chevy Bolt is not just about its green credentials but its affordable pricing point.

Tesla's Model S is already available in the market and is outstanding in terms of performance and range; however, pricing wise it is quite steep.

While there are cheaper alternatives such as the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf, they tend to have ashorter range.

Talking about the Chevrolet Bolt, the price of the base version is $37,495 (approx. Rs 25 lakh) and can drop to $30,000 (Rs 20 lakh) post state and federal tax credits and rebates.

The Bolt EV also boasts of a longer range of 383km. The Tesla's upcoming mass-market Model 3 boasts of the same range and could be priced competitively against Chevrolet Bolt EV.

GM has the edge over the Tesla because it will be available to the masses much ahead of Tesla's Model 3.

While the Chevrolet Bolt might enjoy few advantages, it lacks on certain aspects as well. While the Tesla Model 3 is agreat looking car with its futuristic design language, the Bolt is very much like a crossover hatchback.

Tesla's Model 3 commands a pre-order booking of 400,000, on the other hand, GM has not initiated any pre-order for its Chevrolet Bolt EV which could affect its sales upon launch.

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