This Carbon Dress Inspired By BMW i Could Be The Perfect Gift For Your Better Half

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The automotive industry works together with fashion industry from time to time. Mostly to co-create apparels and accessories inspired from limited edition models.

This time, however, a London-based designer house unveiled a carbon-fiber dress, inspired from the BMW i8.

21 years ago, McLaren was the first company to feature a carbon fiber monocoque in the F1 sports car. Nowadays, since the technology has advanced, the raw material has become more accessible and versatile.

Even though the fully sustainable material is not yet available to the fashion industries, that's one reason why the "Carbon Dress" was created using carbon from BMW's facility producing its "i" lineup of cars.

The dress took over 100 man-hours to create, and it contains 97% carbon materials in it. It also features a unique texture that provides a futuristic finish while remaining lightweight as well as strong.

Daniela and Annette Felder - the twin duo who created the dress - commented:

"The carbon fiber fabrics are amazing, and they're unlike anything we've used before. The woven fiber allows us to do much more with the designs and push the boundaries of sustainable fashion."

This is the second time Felder sisters have joined hands with the Bavarians to create a sustainable, eco-friendly collection.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 12:16 [IST]
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