California To Allow Testing Of Fully Autonomous Cars — The Start Of Skynet?

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The American state of California has passed a law that allows carmakers and software giants like Google to test fully autonomous cars on its roads.

California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law which allows fully automated cars to be tested at the former Concord Naval Weapons Station and a business park to fully autonomous vehicle testing.

The bill, which was approved at the end of last month, allows companies to test autonomous cars without a driver and minus a steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator pedal.

However, while the robotic cars will not be allowed to zip about at full tilt and will have to adhere to a 56km/h speed limit.

The car must be insured to the equivalent of at least $5 million (Rs. 33.26 Crore), as well as having been previously tested under controlled conditions prior to driving on permitted roads.

Testers must report any occasion upon which the autonomous system is deactivated.

California's bill is said to be the first of its kid in the world and it will pave the way for cars without steering wheels and pedals on the streets.

Unlike other recently announced self-driving car testing schemes across the globe insist that testers have a driver behind the wheel and the need for driver inputs, either by pedals or a steering wheel.

While California may be leading the world with regards to autonomous cars, India doesn't even have a law regarding them, which may be a good thing considering the average numskull of an Indian driver.

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