Magnetic Forces To Charge Your Electric Vehicle — No More Wires

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Bosch, as we know develops automotive components and technology, now it is taking the concept to a different level. The German auto parts maker and supplier are working with Fraunhofer Society and GreenIng GmbH & Co. KG on research into an innovative concept of charging electric vehicles (EV) inductively.

The concept is to charge EVs without any physical contact, this is achieved through a magnetic field while the car is parked at a charging bay. This technology does even better by helping EVs get more eco-friendly to drive and the power grids are stable.

One of the challenges they faced is the natural fluctuations of renewable sources such as the wind, the sun, and the water. The consortium in collaboration with publicly funded BiLawE research project is developing an inductive mode of charging to establish a genius infrastructure for the continuous use of renewable energy.

The collaborations solution is based on EV batteries which enable bi-directional charging - the batteries use a powerful and intelligent charging system, also, they can feed the energy back into the grid if needed.

In simple terms, when there are strong sun and wind generation of energy, it will be stored in the car battery and when is an overcast of skies and wind is calm, the energy will be fed back to the grid. The project by the team is also aiming to develop the concept for the commercial and economical manufacturing of the charging system components. This will also include a business model for various grid services which is associated with energy recovery.

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