BMW’s Ingenious Method Of Recycling Old Electric Car Batteries

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Every global automaker wants to add an electric vehicle in their portfolio, be it General Motors, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW to the popular electric car company Tesla. If the future of mobility is filled with battery-powered cars, what happens to the spent battery? Well, BMW has an answer.

BMW spent a considerable time in finding out how to give the spent battery a second life. The company experimented by selling it to consumers in a product similar to Tesla's Powerwall, which functions as a way to store energy at home.

That was not enough, BMW went one level higher. It went on to strap batteries from 100 cars, the German automaker just completed a grid-scale storage facility in Hamburg, Germany. The plant is capable of storing 2.8 megawatt-hours of energy and delivering close to two megawatts of power at the turn of a switch. The plant can supplement energy during peak hours.

The rate at which the life of battery declines in the EVs are close to eight to ten years. The batteries on the EV do get spent and is not treated to be thrown away, but the cars range will be depleted and eventually leads to scrapping the EV. BMW's ingenious idea seems to be a better way to conserve theenvironment by recycling the spent batteries.

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