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We recently saw the list of worst selling cars in India for the Financial Year (FY) of 2015-16. Some carmakers have managed to sell cars in mere hundreds in a span of 1 year. The list also contained carmakers that are selling a few models really well, while some models are struggling.

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Here is the list of top 10 selling cars for the financial year of 2015-16. Any guesses as to who is on top? Let's take a look. 

10. Honda City

Taking the tenth spot is the Honda City. The City has been a strong seller for the Japanese carmaker and has continued to sell well from its initial days in the country. Honda was forced to introduce a diesel engine and that helped improve sales further by giving customers an option. During the FY 2015-16, Honda managed to sell 77,548 units of the City sedan.

9. Maruti Suzuki Omni

In the ninth place is the Maruti Omni, or better known as the ‘Maruti Van'. The Omni is the oldest vehicle still in production for the Indian carmaker and sales figures make it look like a recently launched top of the line vehicle. The truth is, it is a simple, but very efficient design. Maruti Suzuki sold 79,949 units of the Omni in India during FY 2015-16.

8. Mahindra Bolero

Again, the Mahindra Bolero is another good example of simplicity. Ladder on frame chassis, basic turbocharged diesel engine, minimal creature comforts, powerful AC, loads of torque and a go anywhere ability is what makes the SUV a winner. During 2016-16, Mahindra sold 81,559 units.

7. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

The maruti Celerio is a great vehicle to use in the city and on occasional long trips. The petrol engine offers great mileage and the diesel engine built by Maruti just seems to keep running for days with the mileage it returns. 87,428 units of the Celerio have found new owners in the last financial year.

6. Hyundai i20

Coming in at the sixth place is the Hyundai i20. The premium hatchback from the Korean carmaker offers great balance between performance, efficiency and styling. The i20 has been a good selling product for Hyundai for a while now and looks like nothing is going to stop it. Hyundai sold 1,04,841 units of the i20 hatchback.

5. Hyundai Grand i10

Next up is another Hyundai product, the Grand i10. The Grand i10 is the best selling car for Hyundai in India and credits go the the car's design, choice of petrol and diesel engine, features, and most importantly, its pricing. The Chennai based carmaker sold 1,26,181 units in FY 2015-16.

4. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been the sleeper for the carmaker. One does not really see that many cars on the road but while coming to sales figures, the Wagon R manages to beat most cars in India. 1,69,555 Wagon Rs were sold in the financial year of 2015-16.

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift

The third best selling car in India during the financial year of 2015-16 was the Swift hatchback. 1,95,043 units were sold in a single year, thanks to the car's design and a very efficient diesel engine. An upgrade in style could help Maruti sell more units of the Swift.

2. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Sounds quite strange but think of it - the second best selling car in India is not a hatchback, but a compact sedan. This proves that customers in India dont take only design, comfort, performance, or pricing as the key factor, but consider all of them. 2,34,242 units of the Dzire have been sold during 2015-16.

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto

Taking the victory, or rather selling the most units in India is the Alto. 2,63,422 units have been sold during the Financial year of 2015-16 and that is primarily because of the fact that the Alto is a easy to maintain car. The Alto has got the pricing right, design right, performance right, and also the right mileage.

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