Best Reasons Not To Buy A Used Car

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Buying a new car is a bigger investment in terms of money and the value of the car will depreciate over time. However, buying a used car can be a bigger gamble compared to buying a new set of wheels straight out of the factory. Apart from every aspect of your car being new, automakers are making tremendous advancements in technology and engineering.

A used car which is a few years old will lack specific equipment that you will want in your new vehicle. A specific situation will depend on whether you would like to buy a new car or a used car. If you are looking to buy a brand new factory-fresh set of wheels, here are some of the best reasons to buy a new car.


After exterior and interior, customers choose reliability as an important factor in choosing a new car, this is as per the study conducted by J.D. Power. It is indeed a practical approach as new cars will be reliable compared to a used car.

The definition of reliability in a factory-fresh car encompasses matters of design, user experience, and expectation of operations in addition to downright component failure. Choosing a less complex and simpler car is often the best choice to a trouble-free car ownership.


Stringent safety standards are being imposed on automakers to produce the best safest cars in the country. This includes government norms, crash test safety regulators and competitors providing better safety features.

Very soon India will impose the Bharat Stage VI (Euro 6) safety and emission standards in 2020. This will bring about standard safety features like dual airbags, ABS with EBD and host of other features. Buying a new car will have the advantages compared to a used car when you are looking for the best safest car.


In a segment in four-wheelers, we have similar specification cars from different manufacturers. So how do we differentiate them with the best product? Auto manufacturersoffer post sales services and one of them being the warranty on the car.

Which means, if your car breaks down or fails to work as specified by the manufacturer, you can get it replaced at no cost. It is not just about the cost to purchase the car, post the sale there will be reasons to buy product or services and warranty will indeed reduce the impact.

Fuel Economy

Automakers are advancing their research and development on new cars to meet the Bharat Stage VI norms. One of the norms is for new cars to return higher mileage and cleaner fuel for lesser or zero emission.

Car manufacturers are offering features such as mild hybrids, start/ stop systems and cylinder deactivation technologies to developing cars with lightweight materials and streamlined designs. All this to increase the fuel efficiency of the car. You might lose out better fuel efficient new cars compared to an older or a used car.


With hands-free phone connectivity, internet, navigation system, touchscreen infotainment systems to automatic features, manufacturers are advancing their technology in their cars. Some of the features are offered on entry level cars and not restricted to luxury cars alone.

It is not just the entertainment and information technology which has advanced on the automobile industry, even safety features have taken a leap. Features such as collision avoidance technologies, automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning among others are increasingly becoming cheaper. Such advancements in technology does take precedence for the best reason to buy a new car.

Big Discounts

Every day we hear about discounts offered on brand new cars be it a festival season or year end offers, car manufacturers offer some of the best benefits on new cars. Models which are best-selling or in high demand do not come with discounts and probably prices at a premium.

New cars which fall under the competitive segment are offered with various discounts and it could be the best buy for a new car. A large enough discount will help offset the vehicle depreciating value the moment you drive your new car away from the dealership.

Best Financing

By opting for a loan for your car, there are bound to be restrictions like the tenure, the loan amount and percentage of the interest. On a used car, this is even more restricted, while a new car loan is easily available with many bankers ready to offer a loan.

The payment for a new loan is substantially higher and it takes longer to pay off. However, a good research on the best financing house which provide lower interest and models which attract lower interest rates is one of the best reasons to buy a new car.

Vehicle History

There are possibilities that a used car could come with history of problems which you might not realise it immediately. Also, being unaware of how the previous used the car and if there were any accidents not mentioned by the seller is a risk taking measure.

Buying a new car will relieve you of the thought of the history of a used car. New cars come with the backing of a warranty, car manufacturer's brand and most of all they rarely come with a problem.


As mentioned earlier, buying a new or a used car is dependent on your specific situation. The above-mentioned reasons to buy a new car should be able to narrow down your search for a buying a car. Hope these reasons help you decide on buying a new car, do let us know in the comments section if there are other reasons to buy a new car.

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Story first published: Friday, December 9, 2016, 16:01 [IST]
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