Video: Watch How Autonomous Cars Could Be The Only Way To End Traffic Jams

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If you know anything about how traffic congestion occurs, you already know the frustrating involved in driving. It only takes one bad driver to cause a traffic jam that can last for hours.

The root of the issue is the drivers who don't understand what a traffic jam is or how to clear it. There's actually a strategy that could clear traffic jams: maintain a distance from the car in front, and behind you. In theory, it might sound easy, but impossible in real-life.

First, not all drivers are taught about this technique, and teaching it to all the drivers are near impossibility. Next, human drivers lack precision and consistency to maintain equal distance from the vehicles all the time. Last, it doesn't work unless everyone is following the rules.

What we think the solution for this, is self-driving cars. The more they follow these rules, the more efficient the traffic is going to be.

This could make commuting more efficient than it will ever be with a human behind the wheels. We'll get there someday. In the meantime, enjoy driving yourself - Unless you drive in Bangalore.

Watch how it works in the video below

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 18:08 [IST]
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