New Discovery Finds Audi Engine Rigged — Widens VW Emission Scandal

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Regulators in the U.S. recently discovered a software device installed on some of Volkswagen AG's Audi models appears to have allowed the cars to cheat CO2 emissions testing standards.

The new discovery has found a cheat device or software installed in the Audi models to hide emissions implicated in global warming as per California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Audi models are mainly of the automatic variants.

As per reports, this device is the not the same as the one which triggered last year's diesel scandal at Volkswagen which was used in petrol and diesel-powered cars in Europe.

The illegal device deactivated pollution controls on more than 11 million diesel cars sold globally which triggered the deepest business crisis in the German carmaker's history.

Also, it is not clear as to how the U.S. regulators and federal officials will view the latest discovery or if Volkswagen, under pressure on the diesel gate scandal, had revealed privately to the regulators.

The CARB found the cheating device through lessons learned from anearlier probe of VW diesel engines. Technicians conducted lab tests on Audi's vehicles and found the cars to be deviating from the emission norms.

So, when the Audi engine is started, its gearbox engages a low CO2 program, shifting gears in such a fashion to keep engine revs and emissions artificially low.

Also, when the steering wheel is turned 15 degrees, the car deactivates the program and moves to normal, which is a pollutant that burns more gas and emits more CO2.

Audi figured that only in the lab tests that the steering wheel does not move, on a test bed. It was so simple and was enough for Audis to pass emissions tests in the lab; however, not in the real road driving conditions.

Reports suggests that the models affected with the new discovery of cheat device could include the Audi A8, the Audi Q5 and probably the Audi Q7.

The recent discovery comes in the backdrop of the U.S. settlement of the diesel gate scandal previously found with Volkswagen vehicles and does bode good for the German giant.

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