Audi Predicting End Of The Production Line

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Audi is convinced that the assembly line has come to an end as model diversity grows, the more complex it gets and it is complicated to master in a rigid sequential process.

The German company is predicting that the conventional line will be replaced by new modular assembly method. The change will be remarkable for the industry that has been organised around the fixed production line ever since Henry Ford created the Model T about 100 years ago.

The new modular method will be introduced on the Lamborghini Urus production in Italy. As per Audi officials, the transformation time frame is "major change within 10 years".

The main accelerator for the process is the shift to electrified powertrains, this requires cars to be taken into a spur, produced alongside the conventional production line, where electric batteries and motors are fitted.

The conventional internal combustion powertrain cars are not worked during this time, hence the time until completion becomes longer for all the cars on the production line says, Audi.

A plug-in Audi A3 Sportback e-tron has to pass through seven separate workstations for its electric powertrain which passes through assembly stations that a conventional powertrain A3s do not pass through.

Because of this, the A3s can not progress through the assembly lines till the e-tron is being made.

Audi will separate the assembly into individual work areas, manned by one or two workers instead of a production line.

Audi will conceive a fleet of automatically guided vehicles like the smaller ‘driverless transport systems' to supply components on time.

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