Fernando Alonso To Race Honda’s latest Formula One Engine In Japanese GP

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Fernando Alonso will be racing with the latest updated specification Honda Formula One engine at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

This decision was made by the Mclaren Honda Formula One team, after extensive testing of the engine at the Malaysian Grand Prix and its own factory.

Honda has spent one engine development token on the engine block and one more token on a new lightweight exhaust system.

But only Alonso got the chance to test the new engine and exhaust system at the practise session of the Malaysian GP last weekend.

After the tests, Honda removed the engine from the car and analysed the data. The results are positive and the performance is said to be better.

Alonso will be using the updated engine at the home race of Honda. This new engine is said to be used until the end of this season.

But Alonso received a 45 grid penalty for the component changes in the Malaysian GP, as he drove the remainder of the race with an older spec engine last weekend.

Whereas his teammate Jenson Button will continue to run the older spec engine in Japan, but like Alonso, Button will also get the lightweight exhaust system.

Honda has also brought another updated engine block to Suzuka this weekend. But it is believed that Button will not get the new engine until the United States Grand Prix to avoid grid penalty in Japan.

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