Air Pollution In India Takes A Massive Toll On Humans

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A report by World Health Organisation (WHO) says that 1.4 million people in India die due to air pollution which translates to life lost every 23 seconds. With this trend, we can expect to live with oxygen kit by 2030.

A short video called ‘Time Bomb' by Hawa Badlo, an independent people's movement and supported by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) brings about the awareness of the pollution caused by vehicles and other pollutants.

The campaign brings about awareness of the truth that India is sitting on ticking time bomb - pollution - and if there is any delay in reforming fuel use would lead to catastrophic consequences.

While the usage of fuel is not going to stop, the switch to cleaner alternatives like natural gas is a better option. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG) are good form of fuel usage which is lighter in the pockets and in the air quality.

By changing fuel use in the current time will surely bring about a drastic change in the future and switching to alternatives fuel is indeed not just good for the life but for the country as well. Natural gas is cheaper, easily available, and emits less harmful oxides and has nearly zero particulate matter in the air.

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