Hyundai To Feature Mild-Hybrid Tech On The 2017 Verna

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With India embracing the hybrid technology to cut emission in the country, carmakers are looking at different options for their models. Hyundai wants to bring the next-generation Verna with a mild-hybrid technology.

The South Korean company will launch the next-generation Verna late 2017 and will be in the line of Maruti Suzuki's Smart Hybrid Vehicle from Suzuki (SHVS) Ciaz sedan. Hyundai feels this mild-hybrid setup, the sedan could potentially become one of the fuel efficient cars in its segment.

The 2017 Hyundai Verna will probably feature regenerative braking technology, where the energy generated while braking is converted into electricity and stored in the car's large-capacity battery.

The battery will be connected to something called an integrated starter generator (ISG), this uses the energy from the regenerative braking and will help the sedan going from a stand still.

Since a car uses more fuel when accelerated fromstand still and this ISG will help reduce the fuel dependency and in turn increase the fuel efficiency.

Along with the start/ stop feature, the regenerative braking technology will help reduce engine from idling.

Hyundai is planning to move to this direction as the government is getting set to introduce the Bharath VI (Euro VI) emission norms in India at the earliest.

The current Hyundai Verna is facing strong competition from Maruti Suzuki Ciaz as it employs the mild hybrid technology through SHVS. Maruti Suzuki has even reaped benefits from the government's benefits on electric and hybrid vehicles.

With the combination of the internal combustion mill, the mild-hybrid tech and the government benefits, Hyundai can position the next-generation Verna at an attractive price range.

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