Lykan Supersport: Eco-Friendly Sports Car Under Development

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W Motors, the company that made the Lykan Hypersport have gone back to the drawing boards again to develop a faster version of the Lykan.

The car will be designed and fostered by luxury watchmaker Franck Muller as well as Spain's Quimera. W Motors will call the new car Lykan Supersport HSF (Hybrid Synthetic Fuel).

This project is be a non-fossil-fuel racing endeavor and will most likely involve a synthetic fuel that will be generated from renewable means, similar to the e-gas project of Audi.

One of the companies, known as Air Fuel Synthesis is partnered with W Motors to create this new car. Air Fuel Synthesis use renewable energy like wind and solar power to make a methanol-like fuel. This could mean that the new Lykan Supersport may run on gasoline or an alternate fuel.

W Motors claim that this will be the first 1000 horsepower carbon-neutral car. The Lykan Supersport HSF will initially be tested, before the road going version is launched in 2016.

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