VW Assures Job Security For Those With Information About Emission Scandal

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The Volkswagen Diesel Gate Scandal is an ongoing 'drama' The latest is that the company is now promising job security to its staff, if they can shed some light on the scandal.

Known as the Whistleblower program, this program encourages employees to reveal details about the emission scandal to investigators. This program, however, concludes by the end of this month.

Volkswagen has made it clear to the employees that their jobs will be secure and will also be exempt from damage claims if anybody knows any details regarding the scandal. However, board members and levels of management directly below them are to be excluded from the scheme.

Volkswagen has hired Deloitte and US law firm Jones Day to investigate under what circumstances the company installed the software into diesel cars that helped cheat emission tests, and how the so-called cheat device made its way into 11 million cars around the world.

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