9 Automakers Who Donated To Help Nepal

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The earthquake in that shook Nepal off its foot was a true disaster. It destroyed buildings, ripped homes apart and claimed many lives while doing so.

This natural disaster touched so many hearts as well and many started donating towards helping the affected victims of the earthquake.

Many countries too reached out with a helping hand. Big companies and MNCs as well were on the helping side.

Automobile companies too were quick to respond with help to evacuate affected people and reconstruct what mother nature took away. Here is a look at 9 automakers who donated to help victims in Nepal:

1. Hyundai:

South Korean carmaker Hyundai donated INR 1.91 crores to the Nepal Red Cross Society to help with infrastructure rebuilding and rescue operations to save affected victims. Also, Hyundai will help in other means by helping with service and repairs of cars that were damaged by the earthquake.

2. Nissan:

Nissan helped by donating INR 53.60 lakhs to World Food Program. A part of this amount will be used to supply affected people in Nepal with food and water.

3. Mahindra:

India's largest utility vehicle manufacturer is helping the earthquake struck country by making tractors and pickups help with rehabilitation operations, through its local dealers in Nepal.

4. Ford:

Ford was at the helping end by raising INR 1.26 crores from the company's fund and through employee contribution. The Ford fund will raise an additional INR 31.58 lakhs.

5. General Motors:

General Motors has helped Nepal with INR 63 lakhs, donated to American Red Cross and World Food Program USA for relief efforts while GM International has donated INR 31.95 lakhs to India Prime Minister Relief Fund.

6. Toyota:

Toyota Motor Corporation, along with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, one of the largest trading companies in Japan and the 6th largest in the world has donated INR 53.60 lakhs towards the Nepal Relief Fund.

7. Honda:

Honda too has helped Nepal with INR 1.06 crores to help in rebuilding, rescue operations, food and water, and most importantly shelter for the people who were affected by the earthquake.

8. Yamaha:

Joining the list is Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha. The company has donated INR 26 lakhs in cash to help victims after mother nature showed her fury in the mountainous region.

9. JCB:

JCB India, although mentioned towards the end, was among the first to react and send diggers and electrical items to help with the rescue missions in Nepal. The company also donated INR 6.3 crores and assisted the Nepalese army with rescue missions.

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