Top 7 Most Exported Cars From India

India is increasingly becoming the export hub for many vehicles. Carmakers such as Hyundai, Ford and Nissan are exporting vehicles to other countries that are manufactured in India.

For some carmakers, India is their main export hub, since manufacturing costs are low and the country is well connected through coastlines, which help transport vehicles to other countries globally. Vehicles such as the Ford EcoSport, Alto, A-Star, and the Hyundai i20 are good examples of vehicles being exported.

Since exporting vehicles from India is key to many manufacturers, they are on the rise constantly. So here's a list of top 7 cars that have been exported during the first half of the 2016 financial year:

7. General Motors:

Taking the seventh spot is American carmaker General Motors (GM). During the first half of the financial year 2016, GM has managed to export 3,180 units. A year ago during the same period, the carmaker exported only 156 units, since export was not considered big for them. Out of 3,180 units exported, the left hand drive Chevrolet Beat alone makes up 3,000 units.

6. Toyota:

At number six is the world's largest carmaker, Toyota. The Japanese company has exported 8,962 units during the first half of this financial year. Toyota mainly focuses on exporting passenger vehicles to international markets from India.

5. Ford

Ford takes the fifth position, having exported 15,142 units from India during this financial year period. The maximum export number figure comes from the EcoSport, which is being sold in many international markets. In India, the US based carmaker recently updated the EcoSport and launched it with more power and features.

4. Volkswagen:

Coming in at number four is Volkswagen (VW). Export numbers are at 36,145 units during the first half of this financial year, which mainly comprises of the Polo and the Vento. These numbers could see a decline in the coming months due to VW's Diesel Gate scandal, which has affected 11 million cars worldwide.

3. Nissan

Nissan takes the next spot as the third biggest car exporter in India. The Japanese carmaker's main export vehicle is the Micra hatchback. Nissan has registered 53,704 units that were exported during the first half of this financial year.

2. Maruti Suzuki

For those wondering how is Maruti on this list, the carmaker exports vehicles like the Alto and the A-Star to international markets. In India, Maruti is the largest selling carmaker and in terms of export, the Indo-Japanese company is the second largest. Maruti has exported 57,552 units during first half of 2016 financial year.

1. Hyundai

Hyundai is the largest car exporter in India. The South Korean carmaker has exported 83,552 units during the first half of the financial year. This is actually less compared to the same period last year, when Hyundai exported 97,021 units. Cars such as the i20, Grand i10, and the Accent, which has been discontinued in India.

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